My Beauty Routine

Hello Lovelies!

So I find this blogging business a very strange concept, but I am going in this with an open mind.

My beauty routine is pretty basic in the morning. I was my face with a brand called Softsoap – it’s an aloe vera based HAND soap but I find it does wonders on my skin.

I use a collagen elastin moisturizer, I find that I have oily skin sometimes so this moisturizer is perfect for me.

Next step is my foundation, I just started using the M.A.C Matchmaster and so far I love it.  It builds up coverage on those problem areas quite nicely.

For the eyes I use a liquid eyeliner called “Titanium” by Annabelle…it NEVER smudges even on the roughest of days!  As for mascara, I use my old faithful Lycra-based mascara from Rimmel.  That pretty much sums up my beauty routine. I like to keep it simple and still look polished.

Toodles! xo


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