Getting Healthy #3

Third step to a healthier me was drinking more water.

This is very easy to do. I just had to change my habits a little and taaadaaaa!! I’m drinking more water.

#3 – Drinking Water
Water. It’s essential to life. Almost everyone needs to drink more water.

I noticed that I will drink more water if it’s in a cup or a mug, rather than in a bottle. This seemed very lazy, because the fact that I had to untwist a tiny cap somehow stopped me from drinking water… silly, right!? But it’s true! If I pour myself a cup of water, I will down it so fast. So that’s what I started doing at the office.

I have the equivalent of about 1-2 glasses of water at the gym in the morning. Then at work, I’ve made a habit of getting myself a cup of water each time I grab a cup of coffee, which is only once a day now. I fill another one at lunch time and another in the afternoon. It helps that I will also take my vitamins, usually with my breakfast and that helps me drink more water as well. That’s about 4-5 glasses of water. Then when I get home, I pour myself a tall glass of water (equivalent of another 2 glasses of water) to go with dinner and for before bed. I also leave the cup on my nightstand and if there is any left, I will usually down it first thing in the morning.

Although 8 glasses of water a day may sound like a lot, it really isn’t. What I found is that replacing other drinks with water will help you achieve that goal while eliminating sugary drinks and additional calories. I only drink black coffee, skim milk and water. I don’t drink fruit juices or fruit concoctions or soda anymore. If you like fruity drinks, make yourself a smoothie! Beware of buying them, though – I always prefer to make my own so I know what’s going in it. Throw in some fresh or frozen fruit, a bit of Greek yogurt or skim milk and blend. Much better than a store-bought mystery smoothie filled with needless calories and sugar!

Water is so important for your body. It helps make you feel fuller, helps you digest and cleanse, helps your skin… it does wonders for you! It will also help prevent your lips from chapping, your skin from itching, and of course against dehydration. (Every time I have a headache, I drink more water rather than take anything for it, because it’s usually due to dehydration. I haven’t suffered from any headaches since drinking more water!)

I think everyone should drink more water! It’s  delicious and refreshing 🙂


How many glasses of water do you drink a day?





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