The “Good” Guys.

We all need to.

We all need to.

Have you ever heard the quote “A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person”?

Ouf does that ever speak the truth.

I’m about to vent… Ready? Here I go…

SO this morning I’m riding the public bus to work… (yea I had to specify “Public” bus because you never know, I could be really cool and have my own personal get to work tour bus, complete with a giant picture of my face on the back). As I get to my seat, I notice that one of the regular guys on the bus (we can call him “white coat”), who is usually sitting with his female friend, was sitting alone and on the outer seat. His bag did look mighty comfortable on the seat next to him. Soooo spacious. Anyways, he always seemed like a nice guy, being friendly with his female pal, guiding her, opening the door for her and letting her pass first. Gentleman, right? WRONG.

Ever so slowly, I watched the bus get more and more full. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking he would move over and graciously offer his seat to someone. Finally we reached a stop with several passengers; I glanced at my surroundings and noted that the bus had no more seats. Oh wait, nope. There was one more seat conveniently supporting a bag next to White Coat.

An older gentleman approached us and had a look of disappointment when he thought no seats were left on the bus. Just before he made his way to the front of the bus to stand for the rest of the ride, what did White Coat do? NOTHING. White Coat looked at the frail old man dead in the eyes and did not offer him a seat, an already empty seat.

Rude Rude Rude

Rude Rude Rude

What a gem. Come and get him ladies. A true gentleman awaits. Oh! He’s especially good at saving seats for your bag!!

Moral of the venting story is, don’t be an asshole. If you are an asshole, you’re not a genuinely good person. Look for the warning signs ladies. Swag is not a substitute for good.  Don’t date jerks.

Also, just to wrap this up, another quote I always liked was “Don’t marry a guy that you wouldn’t be proud to have as a son”. Dear ex boyfriend of mine, AMEN. Watching you be rude to your mom for loving you to much… What a good guy you are…

Hi, my name is Kathleen and I’m a blogger;

I am also slightly less frustrated now that I vented to nobody.


Welcome Kathleen!

Hello fellow bloggers!

Have you guys noticed all the new posts and fresh topics being posted on Candid Beauties lately?

We sure have! And it’s all thanks to our newest member, Kathleen!

I just wanted to take a moment to welcome her on board and to thank her for everything she brings to our blog.

Welcome mat

Welcome Kathleen!

Things have been kind of crazy lately, so I thought I’d reach out to our dear friend Kathleen, who was more than happy to help us. As you can see, she is a great fit and an even greater blogger, so you guys can expect more awesomeness coming your way!


A Non-Gloomy, Rainy Day.

A typical spring day is usually gloomy, gray, wet and just plain miserable. We’re a few weeks away from warmth and sunshine and we’re just getting over the short and cold winter days. In the spring, I find it really hard to keep a smile on my face while tugging at my umbrella against the wind and avoiding puddles on the sidewalk to keep even a small part of my cold feet dry.

Last spring, I was having an emotional day. The last thing I needed was for a rain cloud to pop up over my head but guess what, it did. I stood there for a beat and felt sorry for cold, wet and sad self. Then, I felt sorry for myself for feeling sorry for myself (Honestly girls, it was very likely my non-special time of the month).  My depressing IPod playlist was in full swing and as I glanced around at the dark clouds, the black umbrellas and the gloomy look on just about every ones faces, I realized that I had it in me to remove some negativity in my day, and in the great words of Ghandi, “be the change”. Cheesy right?

Yes, but hear me out on this one.

I stood there and examined my surroundings. Why does everyone hold a black umbrella? My own umbrella is black! Don’t we have enough darkness to deal with on a rainy day that the last thing we need is to shelter ourselves with more darkness? Picture this, we ditch the black umbrella and on a rainy day, we litter the streets with color! It’s almost something to look forward to!

Just a pinch of color.

Just a pinch of color.

I want a bright yellow umbrella to match the sun and cross paths with someone holding a bright blue umbrella that matches the sky. I would high-five the crap out of that cheerful stranger. My feet might be wet and my hair might be frizzy but I know that if we add color to our rainy days, we might all just feel a little more bright and happy.

Hi, My name is Kathleen and I’m a blogger.

P.S – Helloooooo cute rain boots, gooooodbye cold feet.

A hint of color, a ton of rubber and a whole lot of dry comfort!

A hint of color, a ton of rubber and a whole lot of dry comfort!

Boxing is Beautiful

I had always found myself judging the sport because I always believed it to be a ridiculous excuse for men to blow off excess amounts of testosterone by inflicting high levels of pain onto another man. It wasn’t until I decided to Google “Victoria’s Secret Workouts” that I drastically changed my views on Boxing. We’ve all heard of Adriana Lima; she’s got a wicked body, dark and fierce piercing eyes and one hell of an upper cut.

I joined a regular gym because they offered boxing classes and fell in love instantly. An hour flew by like seconds, I worked my buns off and not only that, I accomplished something I didn’t think was possible, I felt sexy in my own sweat! Gross right? Wrong. I felt fierce and fearless and it was an incredible boost to my confidence.

According to LiveStrong, Boxing burns a varying number of calories depending on the intensity of training. If you weigh 130 lbs., an hour on the punch bag would burn 354 calories. Not only that, I’ve found that my arms have never looked more toned!

So ladies, I think it is time to spice up your workout routine. Buy yourself a hot pair of bright pink boxing gloves, meet some friends at the local boxing gym, and amaze yourself with what you can accomplish. Remember, you are a strong beautiful and independent woman; what better place to show that off than in the Boxing ring throwing a wicked cross, hook, uppercut combo?

Signing off till next time,

Rocky aka

Kathleen, Blogger.

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Hearts

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Last night, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4th Valentine’s Day together by going to Sobeys and picking up some nice portions of beef tenderloin. We came home and made ourselves a nice, healthy dinner with a bit of red wine and some candles and that was about it!

I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day because of what it represents, but I don’t really care for spending a bunch of money on gifts. We’re young and just starting out in our lives so we don’t have the money to splurge on things that aren’t necessities. Don’t get me wrong – I think it’s totally sweet to give/receive roses and chocolates – I just personally don’t feel that it’s necessary. Maybe when we have more money we’ll indulge, but this year we both decided we’d skip on all that stuff and make a nice romantic dinner at home. It was perfect.

Our Valentine’s Day Dinner

For dinner, we made ourselves some steak with mushrooms, broccoli and sweet potato fries (oh and chipotle mayo to dip them in… YUM).

The star of our dinner was definitely the steak. We just seasoned the steak with some of Club House’s Montreal Steak Spice and then cooked the steak in a pan. We cooked it for a few minutes on each side (I can’t even tell you how long we cooked it because I was really into my glass of Cupcake Red Velvet wine…). We like our steak rare, and it was cooked to perfection – a big thanks to my wonderful boyfriend on that one!

I steamed some broccoli and pan-fried some mushrooms with garlic, salt and pepper. We also made some delicious sweet potato fries. Now, we can these quite often but had never mastered the art of crispiness, until last night of course.

I also “cheated” a little and veered from our paleo diet. Instead of making my own mayo, I just used Hellmann’s light mayonnaise and added chipotle mango seasoning. So worth it.

Here is where I learned how to make my sweet potato fries crispy. Thank you, Tessa!

We had a lovely, inexpensive evening and it was all that I could ask for. I hope you all had great evenings, regardless of how you spent it!

Love always,



Hi everyone,

Last month was dubbed the “anti-bullying” month, during which I have heard some terrible and some happier stories on the topic of bullying/cyber-bullying. I think it’s an important topic to discuss and also important for people to be aware of what is happening out there, so I want to share my thoughts on negativity and anti-bullying with you all.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing YouTube for Halloween makeup tutorials when I stumbled upon a video by Rachel Whitehurst (icallitambrosia) called FUCK NEGATIVITY: advice for life. In her video, Rachel talks about how saddened she is by the fact that one of her top rated videos was of her judging and hating on other girls for the things that they wear. The video itself was made a year ago and it is not one she is proud of, as she claims in her video. She talks about how this hate was fueled by her own insecurities and jealousy, and admits that it is not who she wants to be nor is it the type of negative attitude she wants to encourage. She has since removed the hateful video. I have a lot of respect for someone who, like Rachel, can admit that they aren’t perfect and that they’ve made a mistake.

On a more tragic note, I also recently heard about Amanda Todd’s suicide. Amanda was a 15 year-old girl who was bullied, cyber-bullied and blackmailed, and her story ended with suicide, which she committed on October 10th, 2012. There is a lot of negativity surrounding this story, some even saying that they are glad she is dead and that she “deserved it”.

I’m sorry – what???

I read her story and was moved to tears. I don’t care what someone does – NO ONE deserves to be bullied or harassed. I don’t care what they did in their past… it is absolutely disgusting how disrespectful some people treat others. It really upset me and got me thinking about how negative everyone is. Every day, I see people being nasty to each other, disrespectful or just plain ignorant.

(More on Amanda Todd’s story here:

It is very disconcerting to me that so many people are walking out there, just being rude and constantly judging others. Our society has come to the point where giving someone a compliment will merit you a weird look. People saying they are glad someone committed suicide. I can’t even process this. Nastiness and cattiness are just plain expected. A lot of this is linked back to technology. Through social media, some people have the effrontery to say things to their peers that I never imagined anyone saying. It sickens me even thinking about it. Cyber-bullying is a real thing and I think everyone out there should be aware of its dangers and educate themselves, their friends, their children and their families about the lasting consequences of posting things on the Internet as well as the bullies that are out there.

Bullies are pathetic people. They are weak, insecure and cruel. I know it is easier said than done, especially during teen years. Some people just don’t like who they are and take it out on others. It’s important to not let mean people get to you or affect your self-esteem. These people want to see you fail, or cry, or hurt. Don’t let them win. Put on your bravest face and let their insults fly. Don’t retaliate. Just don’t let someone like that get you down. High school ends and then most people realize how silly it was to let others affect them so much, and some even realize how mean they were to their peers. People grow up. Some don’t change. Don’t worry about everyone else. Just focus on being yourself, on being a good and happy person and on your future. That’s all that will matter in the end.

I know that many of us have long ago given up on living in a “perfect world”, but maybe that’s part of the problem. If you can’t beat them, join them, right? Well, not in this case. It’s essential for everyone to do their part. No, you’re probably not going to change the world, but you can certainly make a difference and you will feel better about yourself, too. I, for one, will be making an even greater effort from now on. I am challenging myself (and you too!) to do the following, every day:

1)      Smile at a stranger;
2)      Compliment 3 people;
3)      Compliment yourself;
4)      Do one good deed.

If you don’t do these things every day already, you will see that it will just start to come naturally. People will be grateful, will return the smile or the compliment, and you will feel much happier. Just… be kind.

I saw this quote on Pinterest a few days ago, and it really stuck with me. It goes something like:

“Live in such a way that if anyone should talk badly of you, no one would believe it”.

So inspirational! That is exactly how I want to live my life and if everyone were to act like this, I think the world would see a great improvement.

This post was inspired by this video: FUCK NEGATIVITY: advice for life and the suicide of Amanda Todd.

Getting Healthy #3

Third step to a healthier me was drinking more water.

This is very easy to do. I just had to change my habits a little and taaadaaaa!! I’m drinking more water.

#3 – Drinking Water
Water. It’s essential to life. Almost everyone needs to drink more water.

I noticed that I will drink more water if it’s in a cup or a mug, rather than in a bottle. This seemed very lazy, because the fact that I had to untwist a tiny cap somehow stopped me from drinking water… silly, right!? But it’s true! If I pour myself a cup of water, I will down it so fast. So that’s what I started doing at the office.

I have the equivalent of about 1-2 glasses of water at the gym in the morning. Then at work, I’ve made a habit of getting myself a cup of water each time I grab a cup of coffee, which is only once a day now. I fill another one at lunch time and another in the afternoon. It helps that I will also take my vitamins, usually with my breakfast and that helps me drink more water as well. That’s about 4-5 glasses of water. Then when I get home, I pour myself a tall glass of water (equivalent of another 2 glasses of water) to go with dinner and for before bed. I also leave the cup on my nightstand and if there is any left, I will usually down it first thing in the morning.

Although 8 glasses of water a day may sound like a lot, it really isn’t. What I found is that replacing other drinks with water will help you achieve that goal while eliminating sugary drinks and additional calories. I only drink black coffee, skim milk and water. I don’t drink fruit juices or fruit concoctions or soda anymore. If you like fruity drinks, make yourself a smoothie! Beware of buying them, though – I always prefer to make my own so I know what’s going in it. Throw in some fresh or frozen fruit, a bit of Greek yogurt or skim milk and blend. Much better than a store-bought mystery smoothie filled with needless calories and sugar!

Water is so important for your body. It helps make you feel fuller, helps you digest and cleanse, helps your skin… it does wonders for you! It will also help prevent your lips from chapping, your skin from itching, and of course against dehydration. (Every time I have a headache, I drink more water rather than take anything for it, because it’s usually due to dehydration. I haven’t suffered from any headaches since drinking more water!)

I think everyone should drink more water! It’s  delicious and refreshing 🙂


How many glasses of water do you drink a day?




Getting Healthy #2

The second step to getting healthier was to begin exercising more regularly. Last year, I went on a trip to Hawaii and that served as my biggest motivation to get myself in shape. I exercised and went on a meal plan and managed to lose 10 lbs before the trip. I was content with that, but unfortunately I gained half of it back only a few weeks after returning home. I have managed to keep off 6 lbs though!

This time, I’m aiming to lose the weight gradually, perhaps a little more slowly, but hopefully permanently.

#2 – Exercising Regularly
This part, for me was even harder than quitting smoking. I’m not even kidding…

To try and find time to squeeze in a workout at least 3 times a week was NOT an easy task. Between a full-time job, 2 evening classes, homework, house cleaning, cooking and a social life… who has time to exercise?! Well, I will find the time!!

I worked out steadily during the summer, but once this semester started, I didn’t have any energy left in me to wake up at 5:45 every morning. But lately, my boyfriend and I have been making it to the gym about twice a week. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

Our goal is to make it 4-5 times a week, every week. No excuses. I know that once I graduate in April, I will have so much more free time… can’t wait!!

Exercise is so important. I personally prefer to work out in the morning, because after work I’m usually way too exhausted. By the time I get home, I’ve spent about an hour on the bus unwinding and I am completely demotivated. But if I go in the morning, I get to start off my day in the best way! It energizes me and keeps me alert throughout the day and I’ve noticed that I’m generally a much happier person when I make it to the gym in the morning.

Exercising has also helped me to sleep better. By the time my head hits the pillow at night, I am out cold until 5:45 the next morning. I’ve also noticed that I’ve been having a lot less nightmares since going to the gym again (I’d been having way too many unpleasant dreams lately). It just feels great and though it takes a while to get into a routine, it is SO worth it.

Exercising has so many benefits and even if you don’t like the gym, you should make an effort to take the dog for more walks, go for a jog, do an at-home workout – any little change helps! Any exercise contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

My goal is to lose another 4 lbs. and to strengthen my core, tone all over and increase my endurance. I’ve already noticed a difference in my endurance and I can last a lot longer on the treadmill, but I usually don’t stay on too long because I do speed intervals, which helps burn a lot more calories.

To me, one of the most important things to remember is to not stress about it. Missed the gym one day? Oh well, make it up the next day. But do! Don’t just postpone it. Just don’t stress about it too much. You’ll be happier and healthier.

If you guys want to share some of your workout routines or transformations, I’d love to hear about them! Support and motivation are great factors in success.



Getting Healthy #1

Hello lovelies!

In my most recent years, I’ve become more and more interested in healthy living and exercise. I look at my parents’ generation and what they eat and all of the disease and I know that there is no way to escape these things – especially since there will always be something else.

BUT, I tell myself that I can definitely prolong my life by being as healthy as I can, and taking care of myself, both body and mind.

#1 – Quitting Smoking
My first task was clearly to quit smoking. Mission accomplished!

I never smoked as much as the regular smoker, but I started making excuses for myself and had myself convinced I wasn’t even a smoker. That’s when I knew I had to stop. I would have maybe 1 cigarette a day, on the drive home after work. I loved the feeling of having my windows down, blasting the music and having a cigarette. I would smoke a few cigarettes when out with friends on weekends. I could make a pack last weeks, but I still didn’t like the fact that I was a regular smoker, and lying to myself about it.

My main motivation was my check-up with my doctor. I was ashamed that I would have to admit to her that I had been smoking, so I was determined to quit before then. Also, my dad is a smoker and when I was a little girl, I would beg him to stop because he was “stinky”. I thought, hey, I don’t want to be stinky! I would often smell it on my fingers, or feel the grittiness on my teeth and that was the farthest thing from pleasant. Lastly, being a university student with a mortgage, I told myself that I absolutely could not afford this habit. Time to kick it.

So I quit smoking, just like that. I was lucky because it was easy for me, but I know it’s that that easy for everyone, especially those who have had the habit for much longer. I had only been smoking on and off for about 2 years, but decided to quit before it was too late.

Since quitting (about 5 months ago), I have had about 4-5 cigarettes in total, during social outings with friends, but I am starting to not even crave it in those situations anymore. The first few weeks were the toughest, but it gets easier! I don’t think about it now and I tell myself not to stress about it. That’s important too. The more you stress about it, the more you crave it because you’re constantly thinking about not smoking… I told myself that if I had one, it was okay. It was okay, as long as I didn’t make it a habit.

I’m very proud of myself and I just want to recognized all of those who have either quit smoking, or are trying to quit. It’s not easy, but you can do it!

If you guys want help, support or advice, don’t hesitate to message me.

Good luck!




Where Have We Been!?

I just wanted to update everyone and let you know why we haven’t been updating the blog lately.

Things have been a little hectic these past few weeks.

K and A are getting all ready to move in together soon (stay tuned for posts about the move). We’ve been hitting up Home Depot, painting, purchasing furniture… well, at least they have. I’m just around for the moral support!

I’ve also been swamped with assignments and midterms, and that’s never fun, but I’m really excited about the fact that I have 6 months left until K and I finally graduate from university! Yay 🙂

On top of that, I’ve been having some major computer issues, but our tech guy fixed everything right up for me today – so a great big thanks to him!

On a sadder note, it is with great sorrow that I announce the death of my boyfriend’s beloved grandmother, who passed away Sunday evening after dinner. Though we are deeply saddened by this event, we are happy to know that she has joined her husband in a better place and is no longer suffering. It’s never easy in situations like these, but having family and friends around for support makes the world of a difference.

So with all that, we haven’t really had the time to post much.

We’re still around and you can definitely expect more posts from us shortly.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend. I had an insanely busy weekend and couldn’t get around to my laptop, so I know I’m late with this post. Please forgive me!

We closed up the cottage last weekend and this weekend we got ready for the fall season.

Weekend Recap
Friday: I went out to Boston Pizza with some friends to celebrate my birthday. I love seeing my friends – we’re all so busy with work and school, but it’s always so nice to make time to see each other.

Saturday: My boyfriend and I attended my aunt’s wedding, which was just so beautiful and of course made me cry (I’m an emotional wreck when it comes to these sappy things).

Sunday: My boyfriend and I spent 8 HOURS cleaning the house… well, more like re-organizing, re-arranging and tidying but WOW did it ever feel good! I feel like the house looks and feels more like a home now.

Monday: I did a bit more cleaning in the morning and then headed over to my boyfriend’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner, which was amazing, as always. Turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy, asparagus, carrots, broccoli and cheese sauce, stuffing, wine… ooh it hurts just to think about how much we ate! After dinner, we watched The Hangover (Part II) and I unintentionally took a little nap, grandpa-style – haha! We also celebrated my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday, which is the day right after mine.

All in all, it was a busy weekend, but it was a great one!

Yesterday, I put some thought into this holiday and realized how truly lucky I am. I know that I sometimes take things and people for granted, but it’s important acknowledge how grateful I am, and to let those people know. I am thankful for my family and friends, my boyfriend, my job, my home, and my general situation as well as many, many more things that I have been blessed with.


What are some of the things you are thankful for?




My New TOMS Botas

Hi everyone!

My boyfriend bought me these (TOMS Brown Fleece Women’s Botas) for my birthday and I must say, I am impressed! I didn’t ask for anything specific for my birthday this year, but he remembered me mentioning (months ago!!) that I wanted a pair of TOMS and he picked these out himself. They are SO adorable and I’m so excited about them, that I’m wearing them at work today since it’s Casual Friday. I never want to take them off. Seriously… so comfortable and soft.

I’ve wanted a pair for a while now, ever since I was looking for a pair of casual shoes that were neither flats nor sneakers… and there you have it!

I also considered buying myself knock-offs, but I heard about TOMS One for One program and I knew that was the only way to go.

TOMS One for One Program
With every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.

That definitely makes them worth their price.

Anyways, I just wanted to share these quickly with you guys!


Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to meeeee!!!

Today is my birthday! Can you tell!?

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of my friends, family and coworkers who have made this day so special. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

I had a pretty rough morning – slept through my alarm and then broke out into some kind of allergic reaction (ouch!). Also, when I finally made it to work, my computer was rebooting itself over and over and over… I’m surprised it didn’t explode. But everyone is fine now. I think the universe wanted me to take a break from work this morning, heehee.

The rest of the day has been great and I’m very excited for tonight. I was taken out to lunch by my papa and later I’m being taken out to Baton Rouge for dinner. I can’t wait! I’ve never been, but I hear they have amazing ribs… Mmm. PLUS, my sister-in-law baked me a rainbow cake! How freakin’ sweet, right!? Ahh, I’m so spoiled.

All that to say that I feel very special and I can’t wait for the rest of the day/week. So thank you to everyone who made this day so special. And of course a great big thank you to my 2 candid beauties, my best friends K. and A. I love you both!


Quitting Smoking

Allo Loves!

So today is my second day of quitting smoking.  It has been a struggle I must say, but it is something that is completely necessary. I don’t think I would have done it if it wasn’t for a special someone in my life *shy face* haha. It’s a team effort, and I feel as though that is making all of the difference. I trust that he’s being strong and he’s doing the same for me, and I don’t want to let him down.

The cravings can get pretty bad at times, but I just think about all the money I’m going to be saving and all of the health benefits – the cravings just magically disappear!

If anyone has any advice to help me quit, that would be PRIMO!

A. xox

Comfort Food for a Rainy Day

Hello everyone!

It is very rainy today and I just thought I would share a quick thought with you all. On a cold day like this you need something to make you feel warm, cozy and comforted and what’s my solution? A PB&J sandwich with a large cup of coffee… is that weird? What are some of the weird things that make you feel better on a gloomy day?Image


Kass xox


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We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we are enjoying making it!

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