Product Review – MAC’s Studio Fix Foundation (with SPF 15)

Today I’m doing a product review on one product that is essential to my beauty routine: my foundation.

I’ve been using this MAC foundation (in NC25) for almost a year now and that’s probably the longest I’ve stuck to any one brand of foundation.

I had a classmate in University who worked at MAC and her makeup always looked flawless. Of course, she was an absolute beauty to begin with, but I couldn’t help but be awed at how flawless her skin and makeup always looked. One day I got up the nerve to ask her what she used and she told me that she used the Studio Fix line from MAC and that she loved it. So when my foundation ran out, I went to the nearest MAC store and bought this foundation and I haven’t used anything else since. At first I thought it was a little expensive, but it really isn’t that much in comparison with some other makeup brands.

Also, with this stuff, a little goes a long way. I’m finishing up my second bottle, but I use this stuff every day. I use it in combination with their pressed blot powder, with helps if you have shiny/oily areas. It goes on feeling light and covers blemishes and dark areas well. I’ve never had an issue with it making me break out, either – always a bonus!

The negative only thing I would say about this product is that it is a little expensive, but that’s it. This stuff is just great – it lasts all day and I never have to re-apply. Definitely get a pump bottle if you get this foundation, though, because it’s hard to get the rest of the liquid out when you’re down to your last drops. I love this product and I will, and have, recommended it to others!

Product name:
 MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15
Price paid: $32
Pros: great coverage, long-lasting
Cons: price
Overall review: I love this stuff, but I will only buy it when I can afford to spend a little extra


My Beauty Routine

Hello Lovelies!

So I find this blogging business a very strange concept, but I am going in this with an open mind.

My beauty routine is pretty basic in the morning. I was my face with a brand called Softsoap – it’s an aloe vera based HAND soap but I find it does wonders on my skin.

I use a collagen elastin moisturizer, I find that I have oily skin sometimes so this moisturizer is perfect for me.

Next step is my foundation, I just started using the M.A.C Matchmaster and so far I love it.  It builds up coverage on those problem areas quite nicely.

For the eyes I use a liquid eyeliner called “Titanium” by Annabelle…it NEVER smudges even on the roughest of days!  As for mascara, I use my old faithful Lycra-based mascara from Rimmel.  That pretty much sums up my beauty routine. I like to keep it simple and still look polished.

Toodles! xo